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Although proofreading and copy-editing are standard processes in the publishing industry, if you work outside the industry you may question why you need such editorial support. The answer is to ensure your corporate communications are error-free, convey a professional image and reinforce your brand.

Failing to use correct punctuation, spelling or grammar can make your company look sloppy at best. Even if you’re confident in your writing skills, it’s notoriously difficult to spot errors in your own work as familiarity means you see what should be there rather than what is actually written. And time constraints could affect your ability to develop a consistent writing style.

I offer a comprehensive proofreading and editing service for businesses, which includes:

  • correcting spelling, grammar and punctuation errors
  • ensuring consistency (of style or content)
  • checking headings, captions, fonts and placement of images
  • checking the suitability of the text for the audience (e.g. is it too technical or overly simplified?)
  • rewriting overly complicated or unclear sentences
  • checking sentence and paragraph length
  • adding sub-headings where appropriate
  • flagging up legal issues such as libellous statements.

I specialise in proofreading material translated into English (British or US) from other languages or written by non-native English speakers. I am happy to work to a style guide, where one exists, or I can simply aim for consistency within a document. I can even create a bespoke style guide for your company’s written communications; please contact me for a quote.

Not sure where to start?

I also offer a copywriting service, working with you to write your copy from scratch or rewrite large chunks of text. I can also advise you on maximising exposure for your press releases and raising your company profile in the media.

I have experience with the following types of content:

  • brochures, flyers, press releases and other marketing material
  • magazines
  • training material
  • website copy
  • annual reports
  • sustainability reports
  • market reports
  • presentations
  • case studies
  • tender documents (method statements and policy statements).

As a trained journalist with experience in the corporate world, I’m used to working to tight deadlines and within budget constraints.

Please contact me to discuss your particular requirements.